What it takes to Fly!

Written by: Daniel Ekstam - 18/11, 2019

Four of Swedens most talented gymnastic athletes in the discipline individual trampoline. Together they cal themselves SWE.FLY.

Jonas Nordfors, Hanna Rydén, Niklas Lindqvist & Måns Åberg all spend, like any other Elite-level athlete, an extreme amount of hours in the gym or training facilities. Going on 10 hours per week together they must really feel like a close family.

How did the group come together?
As you say, even though this is an individual sport, we always train, travel and compete together so we naturally became this group that was pushing each other to the next level. Why we wanted to make it more official by naming us ”SweFly” was accountability towards our selves and our goals, but also opening up the opportunity to generate some great sponsors & partnerships helping us grow as athletes and keep performing on Elite level.

Jonas Nordfors adds that one of the goals with SweFly is to help bring more public awareness to the sport.

What is "stress" for you?
”Feeling dis-organized always makes me stress”. Says Hanna Rydén with a confident voice. ”Not knowing the info or losing stuff really is a pain.”

Måns nods his head and agrees that the organization really gets him every time in his hectic life splitting it between work and his gymnastic career.

You really need to plan and keep you schedule and stuff solid to be able to stay focused and perform on the level we want to, said Niklas.

Jonas Nordfors breaks out a loud ”Not being able to execute on my ideas or goals. I have been injured for some time and having that mental capacity but not physical really stresses me out.”

When meeting SweFly it’s pretty clear that the passion is there. For the sport obviously but for something more than that. They really want to win over themselves, their own performance and their own goals. They will never settle for anything other than great. It all comes together when they touch on the subject of goals, all representing the Swedish national team aiming for World Championships and Olympic performances in the near future.

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