Up in the air

Written by: Daniel Ekstam - 14/01, 2019

There is just something special with the void if sitting in an aircraft unhumanly high up in the air. Stillness always washes over me and it this has become my time to reflect. Forced to spend time with myself and my own thoughts without being online (on most flights) and without somewhere else to be. Even though boarding today's flight was a stressful disaster and some kind of a record for me by arriving at Heathrow Airport just 20 minutes before departure, with no boarding pass. After doing the leap of my life to the gate and boarding with sweat running down my forehead, I still now sitting here, drinking my hot cup of te staring at the clouds in stillness, reflecting on my achievements so far and my future goals.

When I was starting my company and the brand ZEEKSACK, (before the brand name was even thought of) it was this exact stillness that inspired me to create a brand that was driven by functionality, fueling my mind with space and structure gave me a clearer view of what I wanted to create. It was never really about the gear and the bags, it was about what the gear and bags could do for me and for you that fueled me and gave me the drive to pursue this dream. It has, with no means, been an easy road to walk and I believe I have turned that I will never really get easier, it will just become more natural to encounter the bumps along the way.

I really just wanted to share my moment of stillness with you. Giving you a glimpse of the start of ZEEKSACK and what gave me the idea and drive to pursue my dream. I hope you will find your own place and time to reflect. It will fuel your soul and clear your mind. Because only an open mind has the power of opportunities.


CEO & Founder of ZEEKSACK