The surprising way to happiness!

Written by: Daniel Ekstam - 14/10, 2019

Did you know that the way you walk could influence your happiness?

The way you walk is reflected by how you feel. If you’re happy you probably have an easy, upright walk, almost leaping forward with swinging arms. A depressed, downhearted walk, however, is characterized by shrunken shoulders, and you may almost be dragging your feet behind.

The fact that your body language reflects your mood is nothing new. What is new is that a research study showed how the way you walk can affect your mood.

The study found that a control group that was prompted to imitate walking in a happy style, with their arms swinging and almost bouncing as they walked, felt happier than another group that was asked to walk in a depressing style. It turned out that those who had walked “the happy walk” remembered more positive words afterward, while those who had the sad walk, easier remembered the negative words.

This shows how important our body language and physical posture can be for our behavior.

So, bring up the mood.
Get your ZEEKER backpack on and try this:


  • Pull your shoulders back
  • Swing your arms while walking
  • Walk light, almost bouncing


Michalak, J., Rohde, K., & Troje, N. F. (2014)


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