When an order is submitted and/or a customer account created on ZEEKSACK™ WEBSHOP we, and our partners PAYPAL & KLARNA, collect personal information as well as credit card- and bank information from the customer. By registering and ordering the customer accepts the storage and usage of their information in order to complete the agreement with the customer. This information is merely used by ZEEKSACK™ in order to handle the customer’s orders and communication with them. The information will not be sold to a third party. According to the Swedish Data Protection Act, the customer has the right to receive the information that is registered regarding the customer. If the information is faulty, incomplete or irrelevant the customer can demand the correction or removal of the information. Please contact Customer Service with any questions regarding this.


ZEEKSACK™ works hard to ensure and maintain ZEEKSACK™ WEBSHOP a safe trading place for our customers. All attempts of identity thefts and credit card thefts, access to other customers’ accounts or any criminal activity of any sort is taken very seriously and immediately reported to the police. We save IP addresses for the purpose of potential criminal investigations.


ZEEKSACK™ WEBSHOP uses cookies to ensure the best experience for our customers. Cookies are used to save the content of the customer’s shopping cart while browsing the shop and to maintain chosen currency and language for the next visit. No personal information or details about the device used are saved in cookies.

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