The Zeeksack Story

We believe that no matter what’s on your agenda, having an organized, neat, efficient bag is one critical part to a successful, stress-free day.

Studies have shown that levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are higher when your environment is cluttered, messy and disorganized. The Organizer is here to let you customize your backpack for optimal efficiency.

By choosing a better bag, you’re preventing small daily frustrations and ultimately preserving your mental health.
Daniel Ekstam spent about 300 days each year touring on the road, keeping most of his life in the backpack he carried. With his extremely busy schedule, high pressure lifestyle and on the-go-lifestyle, he eventually ended up with a burn out diagnoses.

When he burned out, he found that he had a really hard time packing his bags and staying organized for the day. This process would trigger a stress peak again and again. He started looking into small changes he could do to help him get by. His messy bags were the first place he looked — he decided to take an old photo backpack and remake it into a more organized solution. He tweaked and modified the bag to better suit his needs, and from there on, ZEEKSACK was born.

It became his mission to help others customize their organization to reduce stress in the same way. After years of designing, researching and prototyping, Daniel teamed up with David Brudö, a mental well-being expert and entrepreneur, to help bring his ideas to life.

ZEEKSACK uses smart functionality and clever design to help people organize their lives and calm down, preserving their mental health and wellbeing. ZEEKSACK strives to show the world that small changes in unexpected ways can help you reduce stress and bring calmness to your everyday life. ZEEKSACK plans to continually introduce new travel gear and accessories that not just carry your stuff, but simplify and enrich your life by relieving unnecessary stress.