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GDPR Information

Whether you are a private customer or a company, your choice of us as a brand is based on trust. Protecting that trust is important to us in everything we do, also in the privacy and data protection area.

Questions about privacy and data protection and how we as a company will handle information about you as a customer becomes increasingly complex and important as e-commerce grows and become a daily rutine for many. In line with that trend, more and more people are sometimes aware of anxiety, but above all curiosity, about how information about them is handled.

We strongly believe to be completely transparent to you as a customer and to always tell the truth about how personal information will be handled and how we reason when we take a stand on questions about privacy and data protection issues. That's why we have gathered information on this page, to understand our decisions and to feel safe with how we handle the issues.

There is a lot of info about this out there. Let's not make it complicated. Below we listed the three most important pointers.

  1. It's based upon respect
  2. We handle you and all the information about you with great respect, confidentiality and caution, and constantly consider risk-conscious about how we can protect your privacy in how we design our services and systems.

  3. Your data is safe with us
  4. We only provide the information about you to the companies involved in delivering you your order, handling your payment and the transport to your home.

  5. Your right to know
  6. You are entitled to request a registry extract at any time from the information we collected about you. You also have the right to have your details changed or deleted if desired.

Your opinion is worthy of gold for us, as a traveling colleague, current or future user of our products, your words are our greatest guide on how to develop and "stepping up" our game. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us, not just about GDPR, but everything that concerns us as a brand and you as a prospective, or current customer.

We do care about you!

Would you like to read more in detail about our handling of your personal data, read more at our Terms & Conditions