About us

We believe that it's the little things that can make a big difference. Like what you carry with you every day and how you carry it.

Grundaren av Zeeksack, företaget som säljer praktiska ryggsäckar
David Brudö, one of the founders at Zeeksack.

Zeeksack was born out of an active lifestyle with high stressors and busy schedules that resulted in mental illness. The journey back to a sustainable existence sparked our interest in minimizing stress through various aids.

We found the backpack to be one such unexpected example. We've always loved backpacks. We take them with us everywhere. For work, school, when we exercise, when we travel or on a picnic. But when we open the backpack it's like a black hole of mess. We thought rummaging around in the backpack was an unnecessary stress point that we don't really need. So why wasn't there a stylish and practical backpack that actually helps us organize our lives 

Studies have shown that levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are higher when your environment is cluttered and disorganized. With our passion for mental health and an active life, we chose to design a backpack that actually keeps the stuff in it organized.

Zeeksack's philosophy is to use smart functionality and design to help people all over the world organize their lives and find peace in existence. We believe that small changes in unexpected ways can make a big difference. Therefore, we will continuously introduce bags and accessories that not only carry your things, but also simplify and enrich your life by minimizing unnecessary physical and mental strain.