Collection: Accessories

Live an active life to the fullest

To make your life easier and more organized, we have carefully selected a selection of accessories to help you organize your life. Here you will find, among other things, activity straps, or fastening straps, which can be used on some of our backpacks and which help you live an active life to the fullest.

Fastening straps

Zeeksack's activity straps allow you to carry everything possible, from a camera tripod to a yoga mat, skateboard, snowboard or a pair of skis. You set the limits!

Laptop case

We also have laptop covers in well-thought-out and stylish designs that are of course padded to protect your computer against external damage. Considering how much of our lives is contained in a computer, it is wise to give it a little extra protection and care, preferably with a nice design.

Electronics bag

We often carry different types of charging cables, usb keys, power banks and adapters with us that easily get tangled up or are hard to find when we need them. That's why we've developed a Tech Organizer that can best be described as a small flexible case bag, where you can store all your technological belongings such as computer and mobile chargers, cables and more. With the Zeeksacks Tech Organizer case bag, you can be sure that you always have an eye on your electronic accessories and can quickly make them available, when you really need them.

Passport cover

When you're on the move, our passport case can come in handy (note the pun!). With Zeeksack's passport case made from genuine saffiano leather, you not only have stylish protection for your passport, but also have compartments for cards, tickets and notes as well as a pen.

Make your life easier with our accessories

We will carefully expand our range of accessories over time, but we are in no rush. For us, it is important that the accessories and accessories we offer are thoughtfully designed, smart and simple and fulfill the purpose of making life easier and your existence more organized and less stressful.