Why an ergonomic backpack  

man och kvinna går med ryggsäckar och har yogamattor fastspända på ryggsäcken

Of all the types of bags and accessories that help you carry your pack, the backpack is likely the most gentle and comfortable.

Due to its design, a backpack creates some strain on the back and shoulders. Therefore, it is important that the backpack is designed and formed in an ergonomic way so that the load on your body is as small and as evenly distributed as possible.

Here are three tips that are worth considering when choosing an ergonomic backpack:


Ryggsäck med ergonomiska axelremmar

How is the back plate of the backpack designed? Does it provide any support, is it padded and how does it fit against your back? Is the back plate flexible and molds to your back.l. 

Shoulder straps

Ryggsäck som är fastspänd med bröstrem över bröstet för att öka komforten.

Padded shoulder straps are standard on most backpacks and reduce both load and comfort when carrying the backpack. A chest strap that connects the shoulder straps across the chest can help keep the backpack in place and distribute the load further. Adjustable shoulder straps help adjust the backpack to your size and position it correctly on your back.


The shape of the backpack

Självstående ryggsäck på 30 liter som står på marken med ett kamerastativ fastspänt och vattenflaska i ett av många fack

Does the backpack have a soft or independent shell The advantage of a backpack that is soft in its design is that it takes up less space, is easier to pack away and is very flexible. At the same time, the probability increases that a soft backpack does not distribute the pressure evenly over the back and shoulders as it lacks structure to keep itself and the pack in place.

A backpack with a hard or independent shell immediately becomes more stable and distributes the weight of the pack in a better way. At the same time, it often becomes easier to lift and handle. The disadvantage is that it becomes larger and can be experienced as somewhat more unwieldy in its size.

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