Functionality has always been my main focus in life. Every situation needs it, whether I’m at home, commuting through big cities or traveling the world. Functionality will always be key in my choice and design of products, also in my way of living. Great style does not need to be compromised due to poor functionality.

After a near decade of personal and work-related traveling, I had not yet found the perfect match between functionality and great style. It made it hard for me to combine my active life-style with my traveling business and workmanship. The functionality was just not there. I wanted to create a simple, adaptive yet stylish way to travel, without having to exclude my active life-style nor the great style on the road.

I created ZEEKSACK™ for all of us who love zeeking adventures across the world, for all of us who believe that the world is our playground. For all of us who take life wherever we go, without compromise.

Turebergs Allé 4
191 62 Sollentuna
Stockholms Län, Sweden

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EST. Stockholm 2015